At (the "Site") we at Nelvana Limted., ("Nelvana"), the operators of the Site, understand and appreciate the concerns that parents and families may have with regard to information gathered about Site users surfing our website, or on any other website. The Nelvana website gathers different kinds of information from its visitors.

Online Polls and Surveys

Occasionally visitors are invited to voluntarily answer polls or survey questions that may be used in conjunction with sponsors/business partners. Be assured that in these poll and survey situations, only general (not personal) information such as gender, age and postal code is collected. The information collected ensures that visitors remain anonymous.

General website Traffic

Nelvana tracks the number of visits to our Site. For example, we count how many times people access the Beyblade News page on the Site. All information gathered in this way is generic, and we do not track any individual users from this, but only calculate how many visits have taken place.

Cookie Technology

Cookie technology is used on our Site to maximize the Site experience. For example, we use cookies to keep track of a user's time zone information which allows us to customize our schedule and give accurate show times. We also use cookies to keep track of a user's progress through a game we may have on our Site. No personal information is gathered from these cookies.

Email Identification

When a user sends an email message to Nelvana through the website, two pieces of information are automatically stamped on the message. These are the time that the message was sent, and the IP address it was sent from. This is a precautionary measure against any potentially threatening messages being sent to Nelvana, its staff, or the public. This information is only used in those extreme cases where we feel someone's safety may be at risk.

Online Safety Notes for Kids

The web is a great place to hang out, to find out stuff, and to share comments and ideas with people who are into the same kind of stuff you are. But the net isn't always a safe place - so we've put together some tips for you to read that will help you handle situations if they come up. First thing is don't give out personal information without asking your parents. Personal information includes:

Secondly, if you run into something on the internet that makes you uncomfortable - whether it's on the web or it's sent to you - tell your mom or dad, or an adult you can talk to, and get them to deal with it. Never agree to meet anyone you have "met" online.

Never send your picture over the internet without checking with your parents or another adult. Don't answer mean messages, or rude ones, or messages asking for personal information. If you do get a message like that - tell your parents right away, so they can help you deal with it. Make sure you obey the rules that your parents have set out for you. Make up a cool nickname for when you join a chat or a game online. Never tell anyone your real name or your password. Get your parents to read the safety for parent's tips.

Online Safety Notes for Parents

The web is a great place for kids to hang out and learn about topics that are of interest to them. However, there are areas on the internet that are not appropriate for children. The guidelines we have drawn up are a starting point for parents of children who surf. The most important thing is to be aware of what your children are doing online. This may mean surfing with your children, or talking to them about the Sites that they like or that they have recently discovered on the web. Make surfing a family activity, particularly with young children.

Set ground rules, so each person knows what is expected of them. For example, you could go through the safety tips together so everyone understands the "what's" and the "whys".

Software solutions:

There are software programs that allow parents to block certain websites from their kids. Some programs are more flexible than others, so you may want to shop around to find one that you're comfortable with. Any questions, comments or requests concerning the Nelvana Privacy Policy can be directed to M. Ulster, Privacy Officer at