Metal Masters

It is time for Gingka, the World’s Number One Blader to prove that he has what it takes to win the World BEYBLADE Championships. Along with Team GanGan Galaxy, he must travel the world competing with his friends in order to to claim victory in the Championships. The Championships may not be the only thing Gingka must battle for, as dark forces are at play that have the potential to destroy the entire world! Will Gingka and Team GanGan Galaxy win the Championships? Will they save the world?

  • Fresh off a win against Ryuga and the evil spirit within Lightning L-Drago, Gingka is crushed that his partner Storm Pegasus has been destroyed. Luckily, he finds Galaxy Pegasus. Gingka has a lot to prove as all the Bladers in the Beyblade community will be gunning for his #1 title.
  • Masamune is the new kid on the scene. He's spunky, eager and a strong Blader. Being a bit younger, Masamune lacks the experience and control of his teammates; but, whatever he lacks in practice he makes up for in his desire to win. A bit of a class clown, Masamune brings much needed comical relief to a stressful competition.
  • The courageous secret agent of the WBBA planted in the Dark Nebula has re-emerged and won a spot to compete for Team GanGan Galaxy. Tsubasa is ready to compete but finds something is happening to him. He has fits of rage and unexplained black outs. His final battle with Ryuga may have brought Tsubasa more than just defeat.
  • Yu is a talented blader but doesn’t bother to practice. He originally lost the spot to be on the GanGan Galaxy team but was brought back as a substitute. Even though he was on the Dark Nebula’s side before, he knows that he has to work with his team now because he wants to take home the top spot.
  • Even though Madoka doesn't participate in the action, she knows all there is to about BEYBLADE. As a BEYBLADE mechanic, she accompanies Gingka and his teammates of GanGan Galaxy on their battles. Along with her amazing analytical skills and ability to read how battles work, Madoka stands out as a valuable asset to the team
  • The elusive and mysterious Ryuga arrives and disappears without warning. This blader only looks out for himself and is neither Gingka’s enemy nor friend. After breaking free of the dark side, Ryuga is much more calm, cool and civil.
  • Damian is a member of Team Star Breaker and also works for the HD Academy. A powerful program called the “Arrangement System” developed by Hades Inc. is responsible for Damian’s enhanced BEYBLADE abilities.
  • A member of Team Star Breaker, Zeo is also an old friend of Masamune. He was discovered by the HD Academy and developed his Blader abilities with the help of the “Arrangement System”.
  • As a member of Team Star Breaker, Jack is driven by his need to create his masterpiece on the ultimate canvas – the stadium. He will destroy his opponents in the creation of it.
  • As a member of Team Excalibur and representative of Italy, Julian is heir to the prestigious Konzern family empire. He is brilliant in almost everything he does, which includes Beyblading. As a natural born leader, Julian has no problem facing up to the challenging opponents he greets in the Beystadium.
  • Member of Team Excalibur and representative of Great Britain.
  • Member of Team Excalibur and representative of France.
  • Member of Team Excalibur and representative of Germany.
  • Kyoya is a member of Wild Fang and is one of Gingka’s toughest rivals. Though he won the qualifying tournament and was offered a spot on Team Japan, Kyoya turned it down for the chance to battle against Gingka instead of beside him.
  • As the leader of the Chinese national team, Dashan is popular amongst his team members. With his calm and cool personality, Dashan knows what it takes to win with his Bey.
  • As leader of the team and oldest son of the four Garcias siblings, Argo will do anything it takes to pull his family and himself out of poverty and win a BEYBLADE battle.