Metal Fury

The key to earth's salvation or destruction lies within 10 star fragments that empower its masters to fight for their chosen side. The possessors of these star fragments are called Legendary Bladers. Gingka discovers that he is one of the Legendary Bladers and journeys with his trusted friends on a hunt that will bring him face to face with the ultimate enemy.

  • The WBBA’s #1 Blader, Gingka is a passionate Blader who will do anything to avoid defeat. The stronger Gingka’s enemy is, the better Gingka performs. Armed with his Attack type Bey, Cosmic Pegasus, Gingka never shies away from battle. He has a strong sense of what is right, and is willing to stand up to the forces of evil.
  • While Kyoya may appear vicious on the outside, deep down he is a good-natured Blader who cares deeply about his friends. Kyoya’s archrival is Gingka and the two have a rivalry that goes back through the ages. Kyoya uses a defensive type Bey, Fang Leone, in battle.
  • Nobody knows much about this mysterious Blader. Ryuga is a lone wolf and travels by himself in search of strong Bladers to battle. He is an aggressive Blader and uses an attack type Beyblade called L-Drago Destructor.
  • A Blader exceptionally skilled in astronomy, Yuki uses his knowledge of space to help Gingka and his friends. He uses an attack type Bey called Mercury Anubius. Yuki’s grandfather is from Koma Village, the same town that Gingka is from.
  • Despite being an inexperienced Blader, Kenta has a true love for the sport. This passion drives his ambition as he makes a special effort to improve his blading abilities. Kenta uses a stamina type Bey called Flame Sagittario in battle.
  • Benkei worships Kyoya and would do absolutely anything for him. He follows around Kyoya, and uses a balance type Bey called Dark Bull.
  • Madoka knows BEYBLADE inside in out but does not actually battle. She is a mechanic on Gingka’s team and is uniquely talented at keeping a Beyblade in working order. Other than her ability to repair a Bey, Madoka is an ordinary girl.
  • This courageous executive member of the Chinese “Hundred Schools of Beylin Fist” is a talented and intimidating Blader.
  • The Guardian of the temple and the Warrior’s Guide, Dynamis is an incredible strategist, which makes him one tough blader to battle.
  • King’s hair is normally deep blue but turns white and stands on its end when he is caught up in a battle.
  • A mysterious figure who lives in a remote hideaway, Tithi wears a mask out of shyness. Once a Blader gets on his good side, though, Tithi is sociable and a great friend.
  • Chris is a “Blader for Hire” who battles for employers that need his strength.
  • A mysterious figure with an unclear past. Rago is up to something evil…