Zyro Kurogane aspires to be just like Gingka and become the World’s Best Blader with the help of his new friends. They battle each other as dark forces come out of the shadows in an unprecedented event where totally strategic new combinations create EVEN MORE powerful NEW Beys! Will Zyro and his friends find their ultimate true power and skill, defeat the final boss and foil the mysterious power’s plot?

  • Zyro is not only a talented and passionate Blader, he also puts in extraordinary effort into getting to that next level. Zyro has memories of Gingka giving him a Samurai Ifrit BEYBLADE when he was small. His great respect for Gingka encouraged Zyro to leave his home town on a quest to become the #1 Blader.
  • Shinobu is Zyro’s rival but also his most understanding friend. Cool and intellectual, Shinobu’s personality is the opposite to that of passionate Zyro. Shinobu keeps his passions inside, but his strong sense of justice and strategic intellect allow him to take down his opponents with calm composure.
  • Kite considers himself to be a genius. He collects and analyses data on his opponents prior to a battle in order to give him a lead advantage. However, if battles don’t work out according to plan based on his analysis, Kite tends to lose his temper. As a big brother to Eight Unabara, Kite has a strong sense of brotherhood.
  • Even though he may appear to be a little selfish and self-centered, Eight definitely has charm, making him a character that’s hard to hate. Eight doesn’t like to put in much effort to anything, but is an amazing skateboarder. He loves and admires his big brother Kite, believing that Kite is the #1 Blader in the world.
  • Maru is the newest BEYBLADE mechanic, who looks up to Madoka as her mentor. She doesn’t battle, however is in charge of collecting important BEYBLADE information and mechanical data.
  • After wandering into their local Bey Park, Ren becomes friends with Zyro and the others.
  • Tsubasa stepped into the position of director for the WBBA’s Japan branch following Ryo’s retirement. He dreams of holding the first world tournament since the Nemesis Crisis.
  • Because of her reputation as the best Blader mechanic, Madoka now runs B-Pit. She also serves as Tsubasa’s assistant, helping the WBBA to foster and support Bladers.
  • Having saved the world as a Legendary Blader, Gingka has now reached celebrity status in the Blader community. Gingka is now retired, traveling the world as an advisor for the WBBA, but his actual whereabouts are unknown. When Zyro was a little boy, he met Gingka who gave him his beloved Samurai Ifrit beyblade.
  • As a grown up and manager of a hamburger shop, Benkei has turned into a good role model for the new Beyblade generation. Foolhardy and hot-blooded as ever, Benkei’s shop becomes a regular hangout for Zyro and his friends.
  • As a DNA Blader, Baihu is usually calculated, but when he gets caught up in a battle, his wild instincts take over and he uses his finely honed senses to fight. His ferocious nature in battles got him kicked out of the DNA training school, but he is called back to fight against Zyro’s group
  • Kira’s right hand man, Yoshio idolizes Kira and follows his every command.
  • Even though Kira is DNA’s number one Blader, he continues to attack his opponents mercilessly even after a battle is complete because he enjoys seeing them suffer. Kira believes that “power” is what makes the world go round, so he uses his power to try to climb to the top of the Beyblade world.
  • Despite his appearance, Takanosuke is a very-hot blooded Blader who eagerly wants to become number one in Beyblade. After seeing Sakyo battle, Takanosuke decides he want to aim for the top together. So, without invitation, he begins to follow Sakyo on his battles.
  • Sakyo’s main goal is to become the very best Blader so he travels far and wide trying to defeat the strongest Bladers. Sakyo strongly believes in facing Bey battles with sincerity, crushing anyone who disagrees with him.