Metal Fusion

A powerful and ominous organization has risen from the depths of the BEYBLADE Universe. Named Dark Nebula, their mission is to take over the world and unleash their evil upon it, but standing in their way is Gingka and the gang! Join a new cast of characters as they take on the ultimate forces of evil. Everything starts and ends with Gingka – a Blader strong enough to stand in evil’s way. Will he succeed? Alliances are formed and broken in this thrilling series, which explores Gingka’s past, present, and future.

Episode 1 - Pegasus has Landed

Young blader Kenta is attacked in an unfair and one sided battle. Luckily Gingka arrives to help – will Gingka and Kenta be able to fend off the attackers? Who is behind this attack?

Episode 2 - Leone's Roar

Gingka makes friends with an incredibly skilled BEYBLADE technical expert who will help repair his broken Bey, Pegasus. Meanwhile, Kenta’s Bey is stolen by the Face Hunters. Will Gingka be able to get Kenta’s Bey back with his broken Pegasus?

Episode 3 - The Wolf's Ambition

Fearful that his friend will leave town to find more skilled Bladers, Kenta challenges Gingka to a one on one battle. Meanwhile Kyoya is approached by a mysterious figure with an odd challenge.

Episode 4 - Charge! Bull Power!

Benkei is devastated by the loss of his mentor Kyoya, who has joined forces with Doji. Benkei’s luck improves when he receives a strange visit from Doji, who wants Benkei to battle Gingka. Will Benkei accept? Will Gingka prevail?

Episode 5 - Vengeful Gasher

A strange crab obsessed Blader named Tetsuya Watarigani challenges Gingka to a battle. Gingka refuses until Tetsuya reveals that he has taken one of Gingka’s closest friends’ hostage. Will Gingka be able to save his friend?

Episode 6 - Aquario's Challenge

The Face Hunters come across a passionate Blader who wishes to defeat Gingka and become the world’s leading Blader. Who is this mysterious person and is Gingka prepared to battle?

Episode 7 - It's Our Special Move! Sagittario

Benkei mentors Kenta in an effort to become a stronger Blader. Madoka gives Kenta a unique part for his Bey – will it be enough for Kenta to develop a special move? Meanwhile, Hikaru finds out something strange about her last battle with Gingka.

Episode 8 - Merci's Dangerous Trap

Doji has a test for Kyoya to determine his worth and whether he is ready to battle against Gingka. Meanwhile, Kenta’s young friends beg Benkei for training – will he oblige them?

Episode 9 - Leone Counterattack

Kyoya returns from his challenge at Wolf Canyon to challenge Benkei in battle. Meanwhile, Gingka meets up with Hikaru and challenges her to a battle – who will prevail?

Episode 10 - Heated Battle! Gingka versus Kyoya

Benkei is in horrible shape after his battle with Kyoya – will he survive? Kyoya seeks revenge and challenges Gingka to a battle – will Gingka suffer the same fate as Benkei?

Episode 11 - Chase the Wolf!

Gingka searches for Doji , his evil Bey L-Drago, and the Dark Nebula headquarters. Will he find anything? Kyoya comes up with a clue that may help Gingka in his search.

Episode 12 - Infiltrate the Dark Nebula's Castle

The gang infiltrates the Dark Nebula castle – what evil awaits them inside? A series of obstacles awaits the gang, with a dark offer awaiting Gingka at the end.

Episode 13 - L-Drago Awakens!

Gingka finds himself face to face with his long lost nemesis Ryuga and his Forbidden Bey, L-Drago. Gingka harbors a deep grudge against Ryuga – will the two face off in battle?

Episode 14 - Memories of Ryo

Gingka opens up about his past, revealing the cause of his rivalry with Ryuga – one that hits close to home for the talented but tortured Blader.

Episode 15 - The Mysterious Hyoma

Kenta finds a letter from Gingka bidding farewell to the gang. The gang attempts to track him down but there are dangerous obstacles along the way. Will they find Gingka? A mysterious figure emerges with information on their friend.

Episode 16 - The Magnificent Aries

The gang follows a mysterious traveler through the treacherous mountain paths to Koma Village. Something is suspect about the gang’s new guide – what is his motivation? Is he a threat?

Episode 17 - The Silver Pegasus

The gang finally arrives in Koma Village only to find that Gingka is not there. A wise creature points out the way to Gingka – will the gang catch up with him in time?

Episode 18 - The Green Hades

After a refreshing experience on the mountain, Gingka reunites with the gang at Koma Village. Gingka gives his friends a tour of his hometown and runs in to an old friend and a rivalry from his past.

Episode 19 - Conquer the Tag-Team Battle

While performing routine maintenance on the Beys, Madoka uncovers a method to boost the performance of Sagittario and Bull. Benkei and Kenta take advantage of their newfound strength and join a tag-team tournament.

Episode 20 - Begin! The Survival Battle

Doji takes Ryuga to a remote land to meet a formidable opponent. Meanwhile, Gingka and his friends participate in a Survival Battle with a very unique prize – the winner is granted a wish!

Episode 21 - Warriors on the Deserted Island

The Survival Battle continues and the competitors fight for their lives. Kyoya and Hikaru battle but are quickly interrupted by other Bladers. Meanwhile, Benkei, Kenta, and Hikaru have a run in with an incredibly skilled Blader.

Episode 22 - The Fearsome Libra

The Survival Battle comes to a close. It is down to Kyoya, Gingka, Madoka, and Yu. Who will be the final survivor? What will they wish for?

Episode 23 - The Road to Battle Bladers

Yu is granted his wish for winning the Survival battle. What will he wish for?

Episode 24 -The Beautiful Eagle

Battles are heating up across the world of BEYBLADE, as Bladers attempt to qualify for the Battle Bladers competition.Who will qualify for this incredible tournament? Meanwhile, Gingka meets a new rival with great experience and advice.

Episode 25 -The Sniper, Capricorn

Kyoya is disappointed by the lackluster challenges of his opponents… until he meets Tobio. The two are instantly thrown into a strategic battle of epic proportions – who will win?

Episode 26 - Tsubasa Flies into the Dark

Doji and Yu are scouting for talent that Ryuga can use to help increase his power. Their sights are set on the talented Blader, Tsubasa.

Episode 27 - Intruders in the Challenge Match!

The competition to qualify for Battle Bladers intensifies as Blader DJ announces two locations for tournaments. Kenta and Hyoma are each leading their stages of the tournament until two surprise guests show up.

Episode 28 - Dark Gasher's Big, Crabby-Crabby Operation!

The final challenging matches are taking place for Battle Bladers. Tetsuya is back on the scene and up to his old tricks. Will he defeat Benkei? Gingka? Can anyone defeat Tetsuya?

Episode 29 - Kenta and Sora

Kenta meets a feisty opponent in a challenging match for Battle Bladers. This new Blader impresses Kenta with his power, but cannot control it. Who is this new Blader?

Episode 30 - The Bewitching Pisces

The gang arrives at a massive 10,000 point challenge match. While waiting to compete they run into a fortune teller. What will he predict? Will his predictions come true?

Episode 31 -The Twin Gemios

Blader DJ announces four battles in four different stadiums. Which members of the gang will emerge victorious? Will teamwork prevail?

Episode 32 - The Stormy Battle Royal

6 Bladers remain in the latest BEYBLADE Challenge Match. In a surprise twist, they are told that the final round will be a battle royale for 10,000 Bey Points. Alliances are formed… and broken. Who will walk away with victory?

Episode 33 - The Oath of the Phoenix

Madoka gives Gingka a new Digital Power Launcher. Meanwhile, Tetsuya is back with his sneaky ways again and attempts to rob Gingka. An unknown Blader stops Tetsuya in his tracks but insists on battling Gingka in an all or nothing match. What mind-blowing skill does this Blader have? Gingka learns a lesson in determination.

Episode 34 - Shine Virgo!

Gingka is determined to win every single battle until he makes it to Battle Bladers and can finally battle Ryuga. The next Blader that Gingka battles is no push over – could Gingka lose?

Episode 35 - L-Drago on the Move

Ryuga re-appears and wins a number of challenge matches, gaining points as he goes. Tsubasa is intrigued by L-Drago’s power and embarks on a secret mission to Dark Nebula headquarters to determine the source of L-Drago’s power. Will Tsubasa go undetected?

Episode 36 - Broken Wings

Tsubasa and Ryuga face off in battle. Tsubasa is nearly defeated until a mysterious Blader joins the battle. Meanwhile, Gingka faces Tobio in a stadium that is anything but typical. How will Gingka adapt to this new stadium?

Episode 37 - Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison

Kenta arrives in what appears to be a ghost town only to discover that it is anything but deserted. The local stadium has been taken over by a gang led by Busujima – can Kenta win the stadium back?

Episode 38 - Run, Gingka!

The gang celebrates qualifying for the Battle Bladers when Gingka reveals a problem with his points to qualify! What is the problem and how will Gingka deal with his obstacle?

Episode 39 - Clash! The Fireblaze vs. The Pegasus

Phoenix battles Tsubasa and plans on taking on Gingka if he wins. What will happen in this battle? If Phoenix wins, will Gingka accept his challenge? Meanwhile, Tsubasa reveals an incredible secret.

Episode 40 - Go! Battle Bladers!

Battle Bladers Begins! Gingka and the gang arrive only to discover that the battle pairings are anything but fair. Who could be behind this? Is it just bad luck?

Episode 41 - The Serpent’s Terror

Kyoya and Tsubasa both win their opening matches. Now it is Hyoma’s turn. Pitted against an unknown Blader, Reiji of Dark Nebula, Hyoma must battle strategically, as Reiji’s blade is quite crafty.

Episode 42 - The Dragon’s Punishment

Hikaru is in bad shape after her defeat at the hands of Ryuga. Will the gang be able to concentrate in their next round of battles?

Episode 43 - The Deck is Stacked

The second round of battles kicks off and once again Doji has manipulated the pairings. Benkei must face his idol, Kyoya, while Gingka faces off against Ryutaro. Who will win? A surprise guest arrives after the battle.

Episode 44 - Entrusted Emotions

The gang is alarmed by the way the Dark Nebula has treated Yu. Kenta vows to exact revenge. Will he succeed? A change to his bey may tip the odds in Kenta’s favor.

Episode 45 - Eagle Counterattacks

Tsubasa prepares for his most difficult battle ever against Ryuga and his Bey, Lighting L-Drago. Tsubasa has a plan to defeat Ryuga – will it succeed?

Episode 46 - Libra Disappears

The semi-finals are underway, with Gingka facing Reiji. Meanwhile, Yu is taken captive by Doji. How will Gingka react to the news? Will he be forced to abandon the tournament? Meanwhile, Kenta and Hyoma battle Doji.

Episode 47 - Bonds of Steel

Kenta and Hyoma attempt to rescue Yu. Their mission is going poorly until a surprise Blader appears. Meanwhile, Gingka is having trouble dealing with Reiji’s poisonous attack at Battle Bladers.

Episode 48 - The Truth about Light and Darkness

Phoenix reveals a shocking secret about his past – maybe he is not really the mysterious Blader that the gang takes him for. Phoenix reveals that the gang is the only group who can defeat Ryuga and L-Drago – will they succeed?

Episode 49 - Fierce Battle! Lion versus Dragon

Kyoya must face Ryuga in the epic semi-finals at Battle Bladers. The winner will face Gingka in the final match. Kyoya taunts Ryuga, claiming that he only succeeds by stealing other Bladers’ powers. Ryuga agrees to a Bey-to-Bey battle, no holds barred. Who will face Gingka in the finals?

Episode 50 - The Furious Final Battle!

Still reeling from Ryuga’s victory, which left their friend weak and unconscious, the gang awaits the final match. Ryuga attempts to blame Gingka for his friends suffering, but Gingka realizes that he must fight for his friends’ sakes. The final match is underway!

Episode 51 - Blader’s Spirit

Gingka finds himself in battle with a mutated version of Ryuga. This hideous creature, armed with L-Drago, appears to be too much - even for Gingka and his Bey, Pegasus. If winning by force isn’t the answer, how will Gingka summon the power to defeat Ryuga and ensure the future of Beyblading for everyone?