Sho, Jin and Leon find themselves trapped on a strange world once defended by the Six Mythic Beasts who upheld justice and brought prosperity to all through the battling Beyraiderz. When the Beasts mysteriously disappeared, the world fell into decay and ruin, and now it’s up to Sho and his friends to uncover the hidden Beyraiderz arenas, so battle to bring the Beasts back and restore prosperity to the derelict world!

Episode 101 - Hope

Sho Tenma arrives at an ancient city and tries to locate the site of some ruins with the help of a few local kids. Sho then meets up with Rachel and Jimmy Cruise and together they find the ruins and an ancient arena. Here Sho is challenged to a battle by Armes Navy and Sho defeats him. Armes vows to defeat Sho the next time they meet.

Episode 102 - Friends

Sho, Rachel and Jimmy travel to another arena, and along the way Rachel recounts the history of the Six Mythic Beasts to an amazed Sho. The trio meet up with two new Battlers, Sho’s old friend Leon and a new friend named Ricky. They find an arena and Ricky and Leon battle, with Leon claiming victory. Ricky and Leon now join the other three as they journey on to find more arenas and try to revive the Six Mythic Beasts.

Episode 103 - Reunion

As Sho and his friends journey to find a new arena, Sho meets his old friend Jin Ryu. Jin and Sho run into a Battler by the name of Task Landau and Task challenges Jin to a battle. Jin accepts and defeats Task, who disappears after his loss. Jin now joins Sho and his friends on their quest to reawaken the Six Mythic Beasts.

Episode 104 - Challenge

Sho and his friends are in search of more ancient arenas and they find themselves in a very windy valley. Rachel tells them that she believes this valley is where they will find the “Sacred Garden” and the Six Mythic Beasts. Eventually they find an arena and there Task Landau challenges Armes Navy to a battle and Task wins. Task says that the power of all Battlers will soon belong to his Master Kaiser, and he then disappears, leaving Sho and his friends confused.

Episode 105 - Treasure

Sho and his friends climb a mountain in search of an ancient arena, but they run into a treasure hunter named Bison who thinks they are after the same treasure that he is. The kids eventually capture Bison who agrees to take them to where they believe the arena is. Sure enough they are right and Sho and Leon battle against Ricky and Jin, with Sho and Leon coming out the victors.

Episode 106 - Confrontation

In search of another arena and the Sacred Garden, Sho and his friends meet a young man named Atsushi. Atsushi wants to learn how to break boulders like Jin, but Jin refuses to train him. They find an arena and Jin defeats Leon in a battle. When he saves his rival from harm Atsushi learns that strength comes from the inside.

Episode 107 - Legend

Sho and his friends climb a mountain named Berkfast in a snowstorm. The meet Armes in some underground ruins and he shows them an arena, where he defeats Ricky in a battle. Armes refuses to join Sho and his friends and instead meets with Task who takes him to meet Kaiser Gray.

Episode 108 - Homesick

Ricky is feeling down as he has not won a battle for a while and his Beyraiderz, Gladiator Bahamoote, has not gained enough power to emit a Guiding Light. Ricky meets a young man, Muth, who is struggling to prove himself too. Ricky finds himself teamed with Sho in a battle against Leon and Jin. Sho’s Beyraiderz, Samurai Ifrit, is knocked out of the battle and Ricky is all by himself. Ricky rallies to defeat Leon and Jin, and his Beyraiderz spirit Gladiator Bahamoote rises and becomes a Guiding Light.

Episode 109 - Paradise

Sho and his friends climb a mountain where they find a portal to the Sacred Garden. They are followed by Task and Armes and these two battle Leon and Ricky. Task and Armes defeat Leon and Ricky and gain control of a Master Token.

Episode 110 - Revival

In an arena in the Sacred Garden, Jin battles Task as his friends and Kaiser Gray look on. Task defeats Jin and takes control of the second Master token. The Mythic Beasts Ronin Dragoon and Gladiator Bahamoote are revived and their power is controlled by Kaiser Gray.

Episode 111 - Collision

In a Beyraiderz battle Armes defeats Sho and the Mythic beasts Ifrit and Byakko are revived. Armes announces that Kaiser Gray is actually the hero, Flame. Armes then challenges Kaiser Gray to a battle.

Episode 112 - Truth

Kaiser Gray defeats Armes Navy in a battle. Kaiser then has the Six Mythic Beasts imprison not only Sho and his friends but his loyal ally Task Landau as well. Kaiser then appeals to the people of his world to come to the Sacred Garden and become his followers.

Episode 113 - Final Battle

With Sho Tenma and his friends imprisoned, Kaiser Gray tries to convince the people of the world to swear allegiance to him forever. Sho and his friends escape however and Sho and Kaiser meet in one final battle. Sho wins, Kaiser disappears, the prosperity of the world returns and the people are free to enjoy Beyraiderz battles once again.