Metal Masters

It is time for Gingka, the World’s Number One Blader to prove that he has what it takes to win the World BEYBLADE Championships. Along with Team GanGan Galaxy, he must travel the world competing with his friends in order to to claim victory in the Championships. The Championships may not be the only thing Gingka must battle for, as dark forces are at play that have the potential to destroy the entire world! Will Gingka and Team GanGan Galaxy win the Championships? Will they save the world?

Episode 52 - Seeking the Legend

The first WBBA tournament is underway. All is going smoothly until a Blader named Masamune interrupts the competition. Meanwhile, Gingka searches for a Legendary Bey.

Episode 53 - The Persistent Challenger

Gingka and Masamune face off in battle. Will Gingka keep the title of World’s Number One Blader?

Episode 54 - A New Challenge

A new Chinese Blader challenges Gingka to a 2 vs. 2 battle. Who will Gingka’s partner be? Will they learn to work together?

Episode 55 - Ticket to the World

A qualifying tournament for the BEYBLADE World Championships is under way. Who will qualify? Who will fail?

Episode 56 - Final Battle! Leone vs. Eagle

A qualifying match for Team Japan’s BEYBLADE World Championships team is underway. Who will have the honor of representing Japan? Gingka discovers he has a new rival.

Episode 57 - Soar into the World!

Kyoya refuses to join Team Japan at the World Championships. This leaves Yu and Tsubasa battling to determine who will be the final regular member. Who will join the team?

Episode 58 - The Beylin Temple in the Sky

Team Japan arrives in China and is invited to their opponents practice facility, the Beylin Temple. Will this friendly visit turn hostile?

Episode 59 - The Third Man

Madoka and Gingka visit their opponents training camp to perform some scouting but things don’t unfold as expected.

Episode 60 - The World Championships Begin!

After his loss to Chaoxin, Masamune trains hard for his upcoming match. While off training, he meets a mysterious figure with immense BEYBLADE knowledge.

Episode 61 - Lacerta’s Will

Tsubasa battles with Chiyun and it quickly becomes personal. Will the Bladers keep their cool? Who will advance?

Episode 62 - The 4,000 Year Old Secret

The first round of the BEYBLADE World Championships is coming to a close as Gingka faces off against Dashan. Both competitors came prepared for battle. Who will advance to round two?

Episode 63 - The Bey with a Hero’s Name

Gingka and team GanGan Galaxy travel abroad where they watch Team Desert Blaze battle Team Excalibur from the EU. To the gang’s surprise, Team Excalibur is a bit smaller than expected.

Episode 64 - The Wintry Land of Russia

Gingka and the gang travel to Russia to train for round two of the World Championships and scout their opponents. How will the team pass the time during the extremely long train ride?

Episode 65 - How Grand! The Cage Match!

Gingka and the team face off against the Russian Team, Lovushka. Unfortunately, moments before battle Masamune is nowhere to be found – will he make it to the stadium in time?

Episode 66 - Libra Departs for the Front!

With Masamune still missing, a new Blader must step up and take his place in the next battle against Aleksey. How will this new Blader perform?

Episode 67 - The Festival of Warriors

Team GanGan Galaxy find themselves in Greece where they battle Team Excalibur. Which team will emerge victorious?

Episode 68 - We Meet Again! Wang Hu Zhong

Gingka, Masamune, Tsubasa, and Yu try to work on their teamwork skills but things don’t go as smoothly as expected. Will team Gangan Galaxy survive the turmoil?

Episode 69 - The Scorching Hot Lion

Kyoya travels to a country named Savannah to take part in a tournament that will allow him to enter the World Championships if he places in the top three. Will Kyoya become an official representative of Savannah?

Episode 70 - The Shocking Wild Fang

Gingka and the rest of Team GanGan Galaxy travel to India to watch Team Chandora battle with Team Wild Fang. The battle is intriguing, but something Kyoya says to Gingka is even more interesting.

Episode 71 - Horuseus vs. Striker

The Championships have returned to Japan, where everyone is excited to watch Gingka battle Kyoya. Meanwhile, Masamune may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Episode 72 - Eternal Rivals

The long awaited rematch between Gingka and Kyoya is underway. Their skills are evenly matched… but who will walk away with the edge?

Episode 73 - The Third Match, on the Edge

The final match between GanGan Galaxy and Wild Fang takes place. A team battle with Yu and Tsubasa versus Benkei and Damoure will keep both teams on the edges of their seats.

Episode 74 - The End of a Fierce Struggle!

With Team GanGan Galaxy tied with Team Wild Fang, a fourth and final team battle is planned to determine the winner. Will Gingka lead the team to victory?

Episode 75 - The Creeping Darkness

Tsubasa is undergoing a very concerning change – what is wrong? Will he be able to continue battling? Meanwhile, Team Excalibur battles Team Wang Hu Zhong for a spot in the finals.

Episode 76 - The Axe of Destruction

Chiyun battles Klaus in an elimination bout. Who will win? Will Team Excalibur or Team Wang Hu Zhong prevail?

Episode 77 - The Dragon Emperor Returns

Team Excalibur returns to Italy where a surprise guest is waiting for them.

Episode 78 - Exceed the Limit!

Team GanGan Galaxy travels to Italy for the tournament finals. Team Excalibur vs. Team GanGan Galaxy. It’s On!

Episode 79 - Dark Eagle

Tsubasa and Yu battle against Wales and Sophie in the finals. His opponents are not the only thing that Tsubasa must defeat.

Episode 80 - Gravity Destroyer

Julian Konzern and Gingka meet in the final and deciding battle for the "A" Block of the World Championships. Who can handle the pressure?

Episode 81 - The Midday Street Battle

Team GanGan Galaxy arrives in Brazil for the finals of the World Championships. Trouble ensues when Yu ventures off to do some scouting.

Episode 82 - The Brazilian Trap!

With Yu injured, who will battle against Enso Garcia of Team Garcias in the first match of the finals? Will someone else step up?

Episode 83 - The Explosive Cyclone Battle!

Gignka battles Team Garcias's Selen. Selen is an impressive Blader and makes a very strange decision during the match.

Episode 84 - Charge! Ray Gill

Tsubasa and Argo battle to see which team will advance. Who will lead their team to victory?

Episode 85 - The Friend’s Name is Zeo

Team GanGan Galaxy arrives in the USA to watch the next matches. While there, Masamune meets up with some old friends.

Episode 86 - Our Slogan is ‘Number 1’

Masamune finds his old friend Toby and reveals that the two have made a very interesting pact.

Episode 87 - The Plot Thickens

As Gingka and the rest of the team visit the Dungeon Gym, Zeo battles Ryuga at HD Academy. Who will win?

Episode 88 - The Compass of Fate: Byxis

Zeo undergoes a strange procedure at Dr. Ziggurat’s lab. Afterwards, he has some choice words for Masamune. Will a battle break out?

Episode 89 - The Wicked Peacock: Befall

With Tsubasa and Yu in the hospital, the rest of the team attends a match between Team Excalibur and Team Star Breaker. Which team will reign supreme?

Episode 90 - The Guard Dog of Hades: Kerbecs

Julian of Team Excalibur battles Damian Heart of Team Star Breaker. Who will win this heated battle?

Episode 91 - The Furious DJ Battle!?

Down a Blader, Team GanGan Galaxy tries to find a new member for the final battle. Will they find someone? Meanwhile, Blader DJ and American DJ argue over who will announce for the final match.

Episode 92 - The Final Countdown

The final matches of the Championships begin as Zeo of Team Star Breaker battles Masamune. Zeo may have a lot riding on this battle. Will he defeat Masamune?

Episode 93 - The Dragon Emperor Descends

Gingka is ready to face Jack in the second battle of the final round but a surprise guest makes a strange appearance. Will Gingka be able to battle?

Episode 94 - Spirit’s Last Battle

Ryo reveals something strange about the American team. How will Team GanGan Galaxy react?

Episode 95 - Showdown! Gingka vs. Damian

Gingka battles Damian in the finals. Damian’s Kerbecs starts strong – can Gingka rally back?

Episode 96 - The Miraculous Spiral Force

The victory party for Team GanGan Galaxy is crashed by a very unwelcome group of guests. What do they want?

Episode 97 - Charge! Hades City

Gingka and his friends pursue Dr. Ziggurat but are blocked by the Doctor’s minions. Will the gang prevail and catch the evil Doc?

Episode 98 - The Fallen Emperor

Toby has fallen into the clutches of Dr. Ziggurat but are blocked by a very surprising foe. Will Toby be saved?

Episode 99 - Befall’s Trap

Gingka and his friends search for Toby in Hades City. Meanwhile, Tsubasa is challenged by a surprise foe.

Episode 100 - The Wild Beast Unleashed

Masamune and Gingka try to reach the Spiral Core and Toby – will they save him from evil’s clutches? Meanwhile, Kyoya battles Damian. Who will survive?

Episode 101 - Rampage! Tempo

Gingka and Masamune battle Faust at the Spiral Core. Faust’s Bey has an unbelievable power that makes the battle anything but ordinary. How will Gingka and Masamune react?

Episode 102 - Galaxy Heart

With Hades city on the brink of destruction, Gingka tries to save the day. Meanwhile, Masamune must battle Faust again. Will Faust ever be stopped? Will the world be destroyed?