Metal Fury

The key to earth's salvation or destruction lies within 10 star fragments that empower its masters to fight for their chosen side. The possessors of these star fragments are called Legendary Bladers. Gingka discovers that he is one of the Legendary Bladers and journeys with his trusted friends on a hunt that will bring him face to face with the ultimate enemy.

Episode 103 - Star Fragment

Star fragments fall to earth and their power fuses with certain beys, including Gingka’s and Kyoya’s.

Episode 104 - Legendary Bladers

Yuki explains that a star fragment has fallen to earth and it has chosen both Gingka and Kyoya to be Legendary Bladers.

Episode 105 - The Monster Cat, Lynx

Gingka is in trouble as he battles Johannes but Kyoya joins the match and Johannes retreats.

Episode 106 - L-Drago Destructor

Gingka and his friends travel to a remote island in search of more Legendary Bladers.

Episode 107 - Awaken Anubis!

Kyoya, Gingka and Yuki all battle against Ryuga on an island. Ryuga then leaves to pursue the rest of the star fragments by himself.

Episode 108 - Requirements of a Warrior

Legendary Bladers Gingka, Kyoya and Yuki team up to save the village from a volcanic eruption.

Episode 109 - Kenta's Determination

Kenta travels to a desert town to try to convince Ryuga to join Gingka's team.

Episode 110 - The Crimson Flash

Gingka and his friends travel to Beylin Temple in China and are soon joined by the evil Johannes.

Episode 111 - The Greatest Tag Team Tournament

At a Tag Team Championship Gingka and Yuki battle against Chaoxin and Mei-Mei.

Episode 112 - A New Roar!

The Tag Team Tournament continues and the final four teams are determined.

Episode 113 - Cosmic Tornado

In the Tag Team Tournament, Gingka’s Team battles Dashan’s Team and the Beylin Fist’s Team goes up against Kyoya’s team.

Episode 114 - The God of Saturn, Kronos

Bao and Aguma of Beylin Fist battle Gingka and Yuki in an effort to win the Tag Team Tournament.

Episode 115 - Showdown at the Tower of Babel!

Bladers try to reach the top of a tower for a chance to find a special Bey.

Episode 116 - The New Team Dungeon!

Bao and Aguma meet with Pluto. Gingka and his friends can’t find a Legendary Blader in Greece, but Tsubasa continues the hunt in the USA.

Episode 117 - Destroyer Dome

In a battle in the Destroyer Dome, Tsubasa, Zeo and Toby battle the Garcias and others. Who will move on to the final round?

Episode 118 - The New Striker is Complete!

In the next round at the Destroyer Dome a new Blader, Jigsaw, dominates the match. Who will survive to reach the finals?

Episode 119 - I am the Champion!

King and Masamune compete against each other in the final battle royal in the Destroyer Dome, who will win the tournament?

Episode 120 - The Maze of Mist Mountain

Gingka and his friends meet with Nile and Damoure to search Mist Mountain in Africa for a Legendary Blader. Gingka battles against Ryuto.

Episode 121 - The Lion's Pride

At a lost city on Mist Mountain, Kyoya and Aguma battle against one another.

Episode 122 - The Guardian of the Temple, Dynamis

With help from Yuki, Gingka and his companions enter a temple that is guarded by a Blader name Dynamis.

Episode 123 - The Legend of Nemesis' Revival

Dynamis determines that Gingka and his friends are worthy Bladers and tells them the tale of the origin of the star fragments.

Episode 124 - The Four Season Bladers

At a temple on Mist Mountain, a Bey battle erupts amongst a variety of combatants. In the end, no one wins, and Kyoya declares that he has allegiance to no one and leaves.

Episode 125 - The Battle of Beyster Island

The Beyster Island Tournament begins, featuring intense battles between Masamune and Bao and Aguma against King.

Episode 126 - Two Big, Fierce Battles!

In the battle of Beyster Island, Ryuga battles against King and Gingka battles Kenta.

Episode 127 - The Unseen Opponent

In the Beyster Island Tournament, Chris battles Masamune in the final and is revealed as a Legendary Blader.

Episode 128 - Orion's Whereabouts

King challenges Chris to a battle and soon Bladers from all sides are involved. Ryuga appears and the battle ends, with no winner.

Episode 129 - The Lion in the Wilderness

Kyoya meets up with Yu in a remote mountain village, where they discover that a rumoured ‘monster’ is actually just a shy boy hiding in some ruins.

Episode 130 - The God of Venus, Quetzalcoatl

Yu and Tithi battle and Tithi wins but when he is challenged by Kyoya, he refuses to fight. Kyoya relents and offers to take Tithi to meet Gingka.

Episode 131 - The God of Destruction's Revival!?

When they learn that Nemesis’ revival has begun, Gingka and his friends head for Mexico to stop it. Meanwhile Ryuga and Kenta battle it out.

Episode 132 - The Child of Nemesis

Gingka and his friends attempt to stop the revival of Nemesis with Bey battles in Mexico.

Episode 133 - Four Hearts

Kyoya battles Dynamis and Tithi takes on Aguma in a temple in Mexico. Gingka battles Chris and tries to convince him that he should join Gingka’s side as they try to prevent the revival of Nemesis.

Episode 134 - Come Together, Legendary Bladers!

Gingka and the rest of the Legendary Bladers of the four seasons attempt to stop the Revival of Nemesis.

Episode 135 - Diablo Nemesis

Rago destroys the temple in Mexico with Diablo Nemesis and disappears. Gingka and his crew return to WBBA Headquarters to find a way to find and defeat Diablo Nemesis.

Episode 136 - To the Final Battle Ground

Gingka and his friends locate Rago and Nemesis in the Pacific Ocean but when they try to get to them they find their way blocked Johannes and his cronies.

Episode 137 - The Lost Kingdom

Gingka and his friends fly through a storm to get to the Lost Kingdom of Hades. Meanwhile Ryuga and L-Drago battle Rago and Nemesis.

Episode 138 - The Missing Star of the Four Seasons

Pluto and Rago move forward with their plan to destroy the world as Gingka and his friends battle with everything they’ve got to stop them.

Episode 139 - Flash Saggitario

Gingka realizes that Kenta has taken Ryuga’s place as a summer constellation Legendary Blader. Kenta joins Gingka and the others as they attempt to defeat Rago and Nemesis.

Episode 140 - Hade's Persistance

Gingka and his friends think that they have defeated Nemesis, but it returns and it appears that the end is near until all the Bladers give their power to Gingka and Pegasus and the battle begins again.

Episode 141 - A Ray of Hope

Gingka is given the powers of all the Beys on earth and he and Pegasus use the power to defeat the God of Destruction and save the planet.