Zyro Kurogane aspires to be just like Gingka and become the World’s Best Blader with the help of his new friends. They battle each other as dark forces come out of the shadows in an unprecedented event where totally strategic new combinations create EVEN MORE powerful NEW Beys! Will Zyro and his friends find their ultimate true power and skill, defeat the final boss and foil the mysterious power’s plot?

Episode 101 - A New Age Arrives!

An undefeated Blader named Zyro Kurogane travels to a big city where he loses his first battle to a famous Blader by the name of Shinobu Hiryuin.

Episode 102 - Defeat Pirate Orochi!

Zyro tires of training and challenges Eight to bey battle in the Cyclone Beystadium. Zyro learns as he battles and in the end is able to defeat Eight and his bey Pirate Orochi.

Episode 103 - The Blazing Special Move!

Benkei sponsors a one-day bey tournament where Zyro defeats Shinobu in the final to avenge his earlier loss.

Episode 104 - The Extraordinary Synchrome!

Zyro battles Kite and defeats him but in a rematch, Kite claims victory to even the score.

Episode 105 - The Strength of a Bond

In a rematch Zyro uses Synchrome to combine his bey Ifrit with Shinobu's bey Salamander to defeat the Unabara brothers' bey Orochi Leviathan.

Episode 106 - Explode, Phantom Fire Shot!

Benkei continues to train Bladers, with Kite, Eight and Ren joining Shinobu, and Zyro. Ren steals the keys the Cyclone Beystadium where she loses a battle to Takanosuke, who in turn is defeated by Shinobu.

Episode 107 - Kraken Attacks

While on a beach vacation, Zyro and the others solve a mystery about a supposed Sea Monster.

Episode 108 - The Jet Black Dragon

Zyro and his friends are sent by the WBBA to show bladers around the world how much fun beyblading in the new Cyclone Beystadium can be.

Episode 109 - Clash! Zyro vs. Sakyo

Shinobu Hiryuin and his Ninja Salamander are defeated by Sakyo Kurayami and his Ronin Dragoon. Zyro and Ifrit then challenge Sakyo but are defeated by his Dragoon.

Episode 110 - The Ironclad Golem

A Blader named Yoshio Iwayama comes to town and defeats both Eight and Kite Unabara.

Episode 111 - A Heated Battle of Friendship

Ren and Shinobu train with Zyro. Takanosuke defeats Kikura, but he then loses to Kite Unabara.

Episode 112 - The Ruthless Behemoth

Yoshio defeats Akuya and his followers, but then loses to Zyro. Kira appears and battles and defeats Shinobu.

Episode 113 - A Fierce Synchrome Battle

Zyro battles Kira in a Synchrome bey match and his Salamader Ifrit loses to Kira’s Golem Behemoth.

Episode 114 - Neo Battle Bladers

The Neo Battle Bladers tournament begins and the qualifying round is filled with interesting battles.

Episode 115 - The Best 8 Decided!

The preliminary round of the Neo Battle Bladers tournament comes to an end and the eight Bladers who will go to the finals are named.

Episode 116 - Get Pumped For The Finals!

In the next round of the Neo Battle Bladers tournament, the four semi –finalists are determined.

Episode 117 - A Fated Showdown Between Rivals

Zyro defeats Sakyo to advance to the finals of the Neo Battle Bladers Tournament.